Since 1995 the Policy Analysis Centre has established a reputation for clear and rigorous analysis and advice.


Our consultants have conducted major studies on diverse topics for a global client base, and offered carefully considered counsel to businesses, regulators, industry associations and charities. We have built close and very productive relationships with clients who have supported us throughout our first 25 years.

The internal governance of organizations has external influences and effects. It is our mission is to ensure that an organization’s decision-making processes are effective and address policy and risk issues within their wider context. We bring diverse experience to bear from senior levels of private and public sector business and academia to assist in planning for change, as well as influencing and implementing change.

We work with a range of excellent consultants, academics, and think tanks to provide the best possible research and solutions in each case. Whilst much of our work is delivered as private advice to clients, we also produce research for publication, and some of our past work is available for download.