Projects & Publications

  • Peripheral Patients? A call to action on Peripheral Arterial Disease

    Tony Hockley

    It is clear that PAD lacks prioritisation within health systems. This research shows that knowledge processes and incentives that are essential to the delivery of good care are almost universally insufficient in comparison to the impact of the disease. There are, however, localised examples of improvements in PAD diagnosis and treatment, driven by committed local leadership. When combined with evidence from other areas of health care improvement it may be possible to identify useful proposals for change.

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  • UK Offshore Wind Energy: What role for competition?

    Tony Hockley & Frank Vibert

    This paper compares Government policy linking renewable energy subsidies to local jobs to the experience of the air transport sector in tackling the effects of state aid on the European market. It argues that jobs created in this way may be unsustainable, and that the Government should focus on promoting competition at all stages in the supply chain, to ensure that the UK offshore wind sector is viable once subsidies end. It argues that uncertainty around the UK commitment of offshore wind energy beyond 2020 makes companies reluctant to commit to new investments. Policies that generate confidence in future market capacity and that support disruptive innovation in a competitive supply chain are essential to the creation of lasting jobs in offshore wind energy (Published by LSE Enterprise, July 2015)

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  • NHS Safe Staffing: Not just a number

    Tony Hockley & Sean Boyle

    Our analysis highlights the risks to patient care when hospital ward staffing falls short of the roster. Despite developments in electronic rostering hospitals have resisted using automated systems to track their staff. Recent unannounced hospital inspections have found serious staff shortfalls against rosters. This worrying feature of NHS care sometimes reveals itself in payroll overspends that find their way into the public domain. Staffing accounts for the bulk of NHS costs, so that minor failures have significant financial implications. In this report we highlight the potential benefits of implementing robust systems to track the deployment of hospital staff in real time, to patients, to the workforce, and to hospital management. 21st January 2014.

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  • One small step for the NHS, but one giant leap for its principles?

    An analysis of the implications of the Government’s rejection of advice that the NHS should provide a national service for an ultra-rare serious disease following the licensing of the first effective treatment. Published by Civitas on 27 May 2012.

  • A Common Disease: Uncommon Treatment:

    A 12-country study on variations in clinical guidelines on the use of modern biologic therapies for Rheumatoid Arthritis, and a presentation made during the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) Congress in Berlin. June 2012. Guideline Variations Report 2012 supporting Data Annexe and EULAR Congress 2012 Presentation.

  • A Premium on Patients: Funding the Future NHS

    June 2009. Pamphlet published by the Politeia think tank investigating ways to transform the NHS state monopoly by giving funding back to households and bringing transparency to the practice of NHS resource allocation.

  • Europe's Lost Patients: Untreated and Poorly Treated Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

    September 2008. This report is available from the University of Barcelona.

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  • Heart UK 2007

    Chapter on cholesterol and public policy in a report published by Heart UK, the cholesterol charity.

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  • Civitas European Health Reform

    Summary report from a series of roundtables led by Tony Hockley, for the Civitas think tank, looking at the future direction of health policy in Europe.

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  • IFPMA LSE Report & 2008 Update

    London School of Economics report validating data on the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, authored by Panos Kanavos, Tony Hockley, and Caroline Rudisil.

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  • Healthcare Workforce Report Nov 2005

    A 2005 report for the Health Equality Europe think tank on healthcare workforce variations in Europe.

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  • European Cholesterol Guidelines 2007

    Policy Analysis Centre 1997 report on variations in European guidelines on cholesterol management, with a Foreword by Professor Elias Mossialos.

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  • Hands Up for School Choice 2004

    Summary report published by the think tank Policy Exchange from a review of school choice systems in Sweden, Holland and the USA.

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  • Specialized Health Services 2004

    Summary of an influential study into the commissioning of specialised health services in England following the decentralisation of NHS budgets.

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  • Eurohealth Vol 8 No 5 2002-2003

    Article on European pharmaceutical policy for the journal Eurohealth.

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  • Voluntary Health Insurance EU 2002

    London School of Economics study for the European Commission on the health system role of voluntary health insurance in Europe, with UK research by Tony Hockley.

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  • SMF Health Targets 1998

    Book by Prof Nick Bosanquet and Tony Hockley, published in 1998 by the Social Market Foundation, on the use of health targets in British public health policy (Cover and summary only – available for purchase from the SMF).

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  • Aga Khan Foundation Report 1997

    A report authored by Dr Greg Clark and Iain Smedley in 1997 for the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development.

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  • ABI Medical Insurance 1995

    Chapter on the insurance of medical risks, by Greg Clark, Tony Hockley and Iain Smedley in the 1995 report “Risk, Insurance & Welfare”, published by the Association of British Insurers (ABI).

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