Tony Hockley

Director, Public Policy

Over the past 30 years Tony Hockley has built a reputation for high quality, independent policy analysis and advice, using evidence to guide decisions.

Tony has built a career in carefully considered policy analysis and advice, particularly around the processes of policy reform and behavioural change.

This work is rooted in the real world, and an informed appreciation of change as a constant; sometimes so subtle that it goes unnoticed, and sometimes dramatic and punctuated by division. Careful analysis can help identify opportunities for progress, to build confidence within the process of change, and to address natural concerns.

Tony’s path into public policy has, itself, been characterised by change and adaptability; from working hands-on as a printer to advising Cabinet ministers, and working on diverse policy reform programmes spanning aviation, health, social inclusion and much more. From policy practitioner to policy academic.

Past roles and projects have involved:

  • Special Adviser to two UK secretaries of state
  • Establishment of a Westminster think tank
  • Liberalisation of the air transport sector
  • Parliamentary Assistant to a party leader
  • Detached National Expert at the European Commission
  • Public Policy Director within a FTSE 100 Pharma Company
  • Expert at the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • University Lecturer in Public Policy
  • Author on Behavioural Public Policy

The over-riding theme that unites these assignments has been a concern for the achievement of positive change, including an appreciation of the concerns that arise and the barriers that need to be navigated.